Data Mining & Big Data Analysis

Without proper data processing and analysis tools, researchers will be overwhelmed, especially if they don’t have any experience or expertise of programming, statistics, or modelling. Therefore, custom data analysis services are becoming extremely significant in the biological sciences and can undoubtedly help speed up the research cycle.

Why BioNome?

  • Recent cutting-edge technologies for analysing and interpreting data in the life sciences.
  • Detailed analytical methodologies are included in the project report.
  • Technical experts who assist with experimental design and guidance.
  • Results presentation and digital representations for publications
Biological Domains
  • Biomarker identification
  • Biological modelling
  • Image analysis
  • Statistical data analysis and programming
  • Data visualization
  • Structural biology

BioNome creates and manages research data workflows to help scientists improve scientific reproducibility and scale up complicated data processing operations. The BioNome team has been researching in this domain, and their discoveries have been acknowledged by prestigious scientific journals.