Corporate Governance


The Board of Directors is the company’s supreme management body. According to the Articles of Association, the General Meeting of Shareholders has given the Board of Directors the following powers and responsibilities:

  • Allocation and management of corporate assets.
  • Representing the company to any third party.
  • Making decisions on all corporate concerns within the purview of the corporation.
  • Assigning solely in written the powers and responsibilities of the Board and the representation of the company to one or more persons, either members or not, and determining the extent of the assignment.

The company’s Board of Directors consists entirely of its 2 shareholders. The shareholder composition as well as the composition of the Board of Directors has not changed since the foundation of the company. 


The transient nature of our sector mandates constant vigilance and the ability to capitalise on the numerous opportunities presented by the ever-evolving field of Life science. As a result, we keep a close eye on scientific advancements in order to identify new products, partnerships, and markets.
Furthermore, achieving high performance and competitiveness in today’s corporate environment demands a strong commitment to quality and excellence.

We systematically plan our moves, guided by these values, on a path of constant, dynamic, and sustainable growth.

Our strategy is based on three pillars:


  • We invest in long-term partnerships with our international business groups in order to become their go-to partner for innovative goods and services around the world.
  • We would like to capture the attention of potential new partners, such as chosen multinational CRO firms, so that we can continue to grow our service offering. To do so, we follow internal information protocols and use the most current information systems, and we’ve established a dynamic Business Development department to keep up with the newest advancements in the field: new research projects, new treatments / goods, and new business initiatives.


We maintain high quality standards across our whole spectrum of activities, with the goal of achieving business excellence, in order to efficiently meet the needs and expectations of all of our stakeholders (patients, medical community, employees, customers).

We concentrate on the following areas in order to attain excellence:

  • Providing a high level of service and satisfaction to the Life Science community
  • Using high quality standards in the handling and management of our services
  • Maintaining and developing our high-level executive employees, as well as ensuring their ongoing training and education
  • Adhering to all applicable regulations, legislation, and ethics
  • Promoting an innovative and effective knowledge management culture


Within BioNome, responsibility is at the core of our corporate culture, business strategy and daily operations. Professionalism, transparency and accountability have always been the qualities that define our relationships with our employees, our partners, Life science community and Clients, with society in general. We are committed to substantially contributing beyond our legal and regulatory obligations to all our stakeholders, to all those who are directly or indirectly affected by our activities. It’s a commitment we consciously made and serve with consistency.