BioNome Offers
Drug Discovery and Genomic Services

Molecular Dynamics Simulation Services

Molecular dynamics provides detailed structural and dynamic insights, which illustrates its recent transition from a small number of highly specialized laboratories

Virtual Screening Services

Screen the best active compounds for our clients and lay the groundwork for further biological activity assessments

Protein Structure Modelling Services

BioNome helps to researchers in Knowing the structure can help efficiently design therapeutic drugs that specifically bind to protein targets.

Protein Sequence Analysis Services

Many tools and techniques are available today to analyse the alignment products and provide sequence comparisons to study their biology. BioNome is proud to be one of the few suppliers to provide you the most accurate protein sequence analysis services.

In Silico PPI Prediction Services

Establishment between two or more protein molecules, which is the result of biochemical events generated by interactions, including electrostatic forces, hydrogen bonds, and Hydrophobic effect.

Molecular Docking Services

Molecular docking methods are widely used in the fields of enzymology research and drug design.

Drug Design Services

BioNome offers drug design services which has entered in a rational stage, in which the molecular drug design is the main direction of novel drug discovery

Biological Data Analysis

BioNome has in-house custom data analysis services which has now become top most research in biological sciences and speed up the process of research cycle.

Disease Research Services

In silico / Bioinformatics approaches applied to the study of numerous disorders are creating a new benchmark in research and development areas that takes advantage of the great progress from molecular and structural biology, immunology, bioinformatics and related areas to foster the understanding of diseases and drive innovation in treatment and diagnosis.

Reverse Virtual Screening

The reverse virtual screening method based on molecular docking has important application prospects. BioNome offers a full range of virtual drug testing services. Customers are expected to provide need biological data on the target. We will screen the best active compounds for our clients and lay the groundwork.

Research Projects

BioNome offers specific methodologies to identify the select, process and analyze information regarding projects of your interest.

Customized Bionome Services

We train you according to your requirement in research projects, Data analysis, review article writing, and drug discovery.

Computational Peptide Services

BioNome offers computational peptide services to meet the specific needs of different customers.

Scientific Article Writing

Increase your chances of publication in the journal of your interest. A competent scientific article writing services helps you to perform proof reading, editing and publishing your research/review articles.

Trainings & Dissertations

Our experts perform extensive topics search and support for your projects and dissertation of your interest and provide training as well.

Statistical Analysis Services

BioNome also offers the services in the field from biology to social science which can also provide better experimental values.

NGS Data Analysis

We analyze the DNA, RNA and epigenetic based sequencing analysis and get your concise report of projects involving Next Generation Sequencing.