About BioNome

BioNome is a leading Bioinformatics solution and Clinical Data Management service provider approved by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and ISO Certified (9001:2015) located in world’s fastest growing tech – hub Bengaluru, India. BioNome accelerates research in disciplines such as agricultural genomics, Drug Discovery and environmental NGS studies, amongst others.

BioNome is dedicated to preparing students for careers in health care and biological research that meet industry standards. Students become experts in handling massive data driven research thanks to our unique SOP for online training and research. BioNome aims to bridge the gap between laboratory research, bioinformatics analysis, and applied research.

BioNome’s core product, NomeDB, gives industry, academic, and government research biologists customization options. Top commercial and public research institutions around the world use NomeDB for virtual drug screening.

Our Vision

We at BioNome think that Bioinformatics research has enormous potential to improve human health, food safety, environmental quality, and human welfare. However, software solutions that enable the analysis and interpretation of genomic data simple, accessible, and effective must be created and made available to the scientific community in order to realise this potential.

Our Mission

BioNome is dedicated to developing and delivering high-throughput analysis to the healthcare, academic, and scientific communities. We keep a close eye on client demand, which motivates us to continually improve the value of our products or services and, as a result, to effectively contribute to life science advancements. Our goal is to turn complicated data analysis into a fun and engaging activity. BioNome is dedicated to bridging the gap between laboratory research, bioinformatics analysis, and applied research.

Our Goal

We Aim to be the world’s leading contract research organisation, contributing to everything from drug development to precision medicine and clinical data management. We will be able to transfer scientific achievements and make them immediately available to the community by putting together a well-balanced team of individuals with experience in both commercial software development and cutting-edge research.

Our Values

Integrity: Our dedication to corporate ethics, fairness, honesty, equality and transparency is as vital to us as our commitment to financial success. At the conclusion of each day, we want to be proud of not only the goals we’ve accomplished, but also the manner in which we’ve accomplished them.

Innovation: We believe that the only way we can make a difference is to think beyond the boundaries. We always investigate new avenues before taking any action in order to provide actual value to the healthcare community, Students and researchers.

Excellence: We set high goals for ourselves and expect the best from our partners. We do not become complacent as a result of our success. We always ask ourselves if there is a smarter method to do something before, we do it, and if there is, we do it.

Esteem for human life: We are motivated by our mission to serve human life. To offer our employees the appreciation, job stability, and career opportunities that they deserve. Giving back to society in order to enhance the lives of those who are most in need.

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Founder & Director

Sameer Sharma founded BioNome in 2020, is an experienced Bioinformatics Scientist with a demonstrated history in the field of computational biology and in silico analysis. Sameer Sharma has started working with his father in Drug administration to continue his family legacy. He has expertise in the field of pharmacological drugs and toxicology so he firmly believes that as Computer – aided technology was the main objective for growth in 20th century so would be Artificial Intelligence in the 21st century. Sameer Sharma has also contributed in the diagnostic and therapeutic fields at CellKraft Biotech Pvt. Ltd. At BioNome, he provides the novel research and development to raise the value of genomics principle for future growth. He has completed ample of research projects in the field of Bioinformatics as well as in Genomics. He is focused on enhancing the quality of research work done by Research Scholars.


Founder & CEO

Rajan Chourasiya is the Founder as well as CEO of BioNome. He has led the strategy and corporate development including fund raising for the company. He is known to fabricate the global teams and comes with eclectic confront in research and development and building the global markets. He is a successful entrepreneur with an emerging experience in the field of biotechnology followed by Clincal Data management. He Started his career as a Science tutor at the age of 15 along with his study and his interest grew from there on to educate the candidates in need. He has successfully completed his education with multiple impactful work and currently pursuing advanced research work in various fields under Biotechnology. He joined as a Chemist in Rock Dew Beverage Company and later he worked as a analyst for Pharma Company. It was a dream for him to change the way – we perceive our education. So here he has led the first step towards making Incredible India.