Compliance Management System – Helpline

Our Compliance Management System describes in details how the company fulfills the compliance obligations derived from the legislative framework, the applicable Codes of Practice, the Vendors’ Contracts and applicable SOPs / Policies. Except from the Code of Conduct, the Compliance Management System consists of Policies and Procedures and a series of Working Documents, as presented below:

  • Preparation and Approval of Promotional / Scientific Material
  • Approval of Grants, Donations & Promotional Expenses
  • Provision of Consulting Services by HCPs
  • Organisation of Advisory Boards and Consultant Meetings
  • Reporting of Fraud, Misconduct or Violations
  • Records Management
  • Participation – Organization of Scientific Events / Meetings
  • Urgent Recall of Promotional / Scientific Material
  • Documents Management
  • Compliance Internal Audits
  • Requirements in Promotional / Scientific Material
  • Promotional Policy
  • Relationships with Patient Organisations
  • Obligations for Product Specialists
  • Donations / Grants / Sponsorships

These guidelines express the company’s commitment to ethical business practices and compliance with the laws, regulations and applicable Codes of Practice. It summarizes all the basic rules and obligations that are incorporated into the company’s everyday business and that all staff need to comply with.