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BioNome offers Bioinformatics and Computational informatics in the field of Biotechnological industries, Pharmaceutical industries, and educational related programs. BioNome also offers the research internships and industrial internships in the field of Advance Bioinformatics as well as Clinical Data Management in Corporate field.

BioNome provides you the best environment and combined experience with strong faculties and trainers. We provide our students a comprehensive platform for future goals and accomplishments.

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BioNome team is poised to initiate and develop the revolution in Life Science by helping the Researchers and Scientists across the world.

At BioNome, all candidates will get better and Cost-effective internships and short – term programs in the field of life Science Research and Development.

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Molecular Dynamics Simulation Service

Molecular dynamics provides detailed structural and dynamic insights, which illustrates its recent transition from a small number of highly specialized laboratories

Virtual Screening Service

Screen the best active compounds for our clients and lay the groundwork for further biological activity assessments

Protein Structure Modelling Service

BioNome helps to researchers in Knowing the structure can help efficiently design therapeutic drugs that specifically bind to protein targets.

Protein Sequence Analysis Service

Many tools and techniques are available today to analyse the alignment products and provide sequence comparisons to study their biology. BioNome is proud to be one of the few suppliers to provide you the most accurate protein sequence analysis services.

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