BioNome Provides you Virtual Screening Services across the world

Virtual screening can swiftly stipulate active compounds with drugability from tens to millions of compounds using the molecular docking operation between small molecule and drug targets. It immensely reduces the number of experimental screening compounds, shortens the research period, and reduces the overall cost for drug development.

BioNome offers a full range of virtual drug testing services. Customers are expected to provide need biological data on the target. We will screen the best active compounds for our clients and lay the groundwork for further biological activity assessments. Our services include:

  • Target identification
  • Model construction
  • Preparation of small molecule compound library
  • Molecular docking screening/pharmacophore modeling and screening
  • Manual selection
  • Repertoire of ideal physical compounds

Why BioNome?

  • High-performance computer server.
  • Abundant database resources, including 4 million+ purchasable compounds.
  • Professional molecular simulation and drug design team.
  • High standard data privacy management.
  • Competitive price advantage.

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